Are auctions the answer for Toronto’s hot house market?

Manson Slik,

As seen in the Toronto Star, By: Susan Pigg Business Reporter, Published on Fri Jan 24 2014

Bidding wars begin — and the peak spring market is still weeks away.

Kingston realtor Manson Slik has sold hundreds of homes over the last 20 years with both the stroke of a pen and the slam of a gavel.

He’s become an evangelist for auctions.

“They are the purest way to achieve market value. There’s no smoke and mirrors, there are no games or tricks. It is an open and transparent process.”

What is a Tender?


What is a Tender?

Tendering is the process of purchasing Real Estate through a confidential written offer. Should you wish to purchase a property by Tender, prepare your best offer in consultation with your solicitor and/or agent and present it on the tender date. These tenders are then opened with the vendor and real estate agent present.

Wolfe Springs Resort Auction!

Manson Slik,

Online Real Estate Auction – 2nd Ontario based fractional ownership developer in less than a year to close out development using an online auction

Fractional ownership resort opens property bidding at over 70% off the developers last listed prices.

Wolfe Springs Resort near Westport Ontario – Eastern Ontario’s most luxurious, four-season fractional ownership resort opened bidding on May 23 through an online auction for its remaining vacation residences at

CBC Metro Morning Interview

Manson Slik,

CBC Metro Morning interview with Matt Galloway, April 29, 2014

Click here to listen to the interview!

Matt: We know that bidding wars are not new to Toronto but they have reached dizzying heights this week when a North Toronto home sold for almost double its listed price after 72 offers. Realtors admitted that the home was listed deliberately low to try and generate interest. But it still has a lot of people talking about how homes are sold in this city. A lot of buyers feel hopeless, wondering about an alternative way to buy a house. Is an Auction a better way at least for transparency? Here to talk to us today is Manson Slik, Broker with Gordon’s Estate Services Ltd. Brokerage.