‘Who’ll give me a Hundred Thousand?’

Manson Slik,

Remember this great National Post article…

Going once, going twice … sold to the lady in the pink hat!”

Just two years ago, it was fairly easy to sell a house across North America and bidding wars were all the rage. But when the economy tanked, lonely For Sale signs simply gathered moss. The United States responded with immediate foreclosures and many houses were put on the auction block to generate quick sales.

How To Prepare for Buying Property in an Online Auction

Manson Slik,

Buying property in an online auction isn’t quite as straight forward as buying a book on eBay, or a lamp from Kijiji. As a buyer you want to know as much as you can about the property, and the seller wants to know you can be relied upon to actually pay if you’re the highest bidder. So there are a few steps to take before the bidding starts.

Can You Guarantee a Listing Price in an Online Auction?

Barry Gordon,

Yes! You absolutely can set a minimum price for your property. Be careful to be realistic about the value of your property, and price strategically. Whether you reserve a minimum price or not depends on the kind of auction being held. You should know about the different kinds of auctions, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

There are 3 common forms a real estate auction takes. A real estate auction could have no reserve at all, a published minimum, or be subject to confirmation without a published minimum.

Gordon’s Estate Services & MaxSold, an Unbeatable Combination

Barry Gordon,

Want to learn more about the value of the MaxSold approach to selling our client’s extra items? This article dovetails nicely with Gordon’s broader services of sorting, shipping, cleaning, moving, auction organization and sometimes, even oversight. Gordon’s brings the ability to do estimates and appraisals which is a value added for the MaxSold user. With Gordon’s managing the event, we have sold many valuable items as well as the general household extras. Click here to read more about how Gordon’s and MaxSold work together to bring you a unique, and most importantly, hassle free moving experience.