Selling Stuff Over the Internet: Why Kijiji, Craigslist or eBay May Not Be Your Best Option

Barry Gordon,

I’ve met a lot of older folks who don’t really understand the Internet, but they know it’s a great tool. I have a little story that helps illustrate how surprising the Internet can be. One of our clients had an auction with us, and even though his son was in California, he could find the auction no problem. This fellow said, “So your Internet, it’s not just local then is it?” So I told him we pay extra to get it that far. Young people take it for granted that they can buy a barbeque from the comfort of their home, but it amazes people who didn’t grow up with it.

There are a lot of different ways to sell online these days. The tools available make it possible for anyone to sell stuff over the Internet—and these services are often free or have low costs. So why then should a senior choose to use an auction service like Gordon’s when they can do it themselves? There are quite a few reasons.

Why Online Auctions are Better than Live Auctions

Barry Gordon,

When you are downsizing, and you have possessions to sell, the difference between an online and a live auction is night and day. Long gone are the days of an auction in your home. It’s incredible the value an online auction provides for our customers. Let’s break down the numbers:

  1. Greater exposure. Selling online means you can sell to the entire world. A live auction takes place in a short period of time in one place. That means those auctions only draw local people who are available at the time of the auction. Online auctions meanwhile can last a week, and are accessible to anyone, anywhere! People can place bids from their phones. That means thousands more people will see your auction and you’ll get 2-3 times the number of bids you would at a live auction, meaning your goods will usually sell for more online than they would in person.

Driving Buyers to Your Online Auction

Barry Gordon,

An online auction, just like a live auction, is better when more people know about it. More people who are interested means more bids on your property, which also means more gets sold, and what does sell brings in more money. It’s important for your online auction to get noticed. At Gordon’s we do the marketing for you, and have a number of strategies we use to drive buyers to your auction.

We make an effort to hold more than one auction event at a time. The goal is to get a lot of property up for auction at any given time, which will in turn draw more viewers. A buyer might come to bid on an antique piece of furniture someone else is selling, but then they get looking at your stuff and find something they like. Just like a live auction, the more that is going on the more people will visit and bid.

Does Location Matter When Hosting an Auction?

Barry Gordon,

The Internet has made the world a global village in so many ways. With a few clicks, you know that you can find deals all the way around the world if you look. If you can buy products from China from the comfort of your home, does it really matter where you hold the auction of your personal property?

The answer is yes. I have always found that our local, online auctions work and are a good fit anywhere we hold them. Unlike a lot of online sellers, we don’t offer shipping at our auctions. We require bidders to pick up the items they win, so we always want people who live nearby to be able to bid and actually get to their purchases. Generally speaking, the best place to hold an auction, if not in your home, is close to your home and neighbourhood. It may be true that if you live in a well to do neighbourhood, your high end goods will sell better there than if they were sold 200 miles from the nearest urban centre. The best part about this is, you don’t have to go far to hold an auction. We actually prefer if you don’t go anywhere! We will come to wherever your goods are.

4 Reasons Why an Onsite Auction May Not Work For You, and a Solution

Barry Gordon,

Our preference is to sell wherever the goods originated. It’s more efficient to keep your goods in your home until they sell so they don’t need to be transported and stored. That’s an additional cost to you. However, there are some instances where an onsite auction may not work for you, in which case you will need an alternative solution.

Here are a few cases where our clients often prefer NOT to hold an auction in their home, and our solutions: